The Art of War

The Art of War (Sun Tzu, 68 pages) is a classic, and i has long been in my list. Now I’ve finally completed it. And it was less than an overwhelming experience.

To be fair, this short book is probably more interesting due to his history than to the very content. It is after all a book written roughly 500 BC!

Also, it describes in a way timeless strategic lessons around war. The fact that we unfortunately still have critical military conflicts being fought in different parts of the world today, makes the content of this treaty still very actual.

However, it is not necessarily a complete manual on how to actually do all aspects of war. As it couldn’t be in any case. It is more like a poetic description on some key general aspects of war and peace. And, in that perspective, it is indeed a nice and interesting piece.

As I have already read some other great books on history, strategy, and war, this one gets somewhat pale in comparison. But it is still worth the time, especially due to its historical significance.

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