Radical Candor

I just finished Radical Candor – How to Get What You Want by Saying What You Mean (Kim Scott, 336 pages, 2019). I highly recommend this reading.

The first time I came across the basic ideas in this book was through a TED talk by the author a while ago. It had some interesting insights on how to give good guidance through feedback, and some good stories too. But it did not prompt me to try getting hold of the book.

In some other recent readings, however, I got a reference to this book again, and I decided to give it a try. It was a good move.

The book contains indeed lots of interesting first-hand stories, which only an author who has hold positions like Kim has could offer. Because of her many years at Google and Apple, among others, and the knowledge and experiences she acquired in her career.

Not to say that all that happens at Google and Apple is necessarily good, despite their enormous technological and financial success. But to say that such big corporations have had the time and resources to try and act on developing a good culture over time. And Kim has been a part of that.

At the core, the main message goes something like that: if one really cares about his or her peers, giving honest feedback is the best way to help them. If everyone around are candid with each other, giving and receiving clear and honest feedback, a great culture can blossom.

Lots of other practical insights and tips follow. And they are worth reading through.

In short, this is a very interesting and useful book. The time spent on it is a great investment for those wanting to achieve a more meaningful work-life.

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