The Power of Habit

I just finished the book The Power of Habit (Charles Duhigg, 2013, 400 pages), and I quite liked the experience. Okay, this is probably a book that could be shorter, or one in which some of the stories could be suppressed without compromising the main message. Still, it was a pleasant book, with different layers of argumentation over some simple concepts.

Basically, habits start with a trigger, follow some clues, and give a reward by the end. And they can be good or bad.

Now, the main message of the book is that we can control habits, basically by replacing good for bad habits. Following the same structure, but adjusting the pattern to craft some better habitual practices.

That said, the book goes about telling a variety of stories that illustrate the topic. From individuals, to companies, to societies. All obey by the habits rules, the book goes. And all can benefit from habits reformulation.

Overall, it is not an unforgettable book. And the number of insights is limited. Especially when put in contrast to the book size. But it was a very pleasant journey for me, and it gave me some food for thought.

So, if you are into these types of topics, I do recommend the book.

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